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kelly graves testimonial

I have been very fortunate to have worked with excellent clients over the years. Due to my direct approach and results-oriented work, I have developed many personal & professional relationships with my clients; relationships that have continued long after the first project was complete. As a result, 87% of my clients have rehired me for subsequent projects and/or referred me to friends and colleagues.

Please read about the successes we shared by diagnosing problems together and co-creating solutions which manifested into productive and profitable results.



“It has been a great pleasure and I have been extremely impressed with the quality and professionalism of Kelly Graves and his associates. Their knowledge, thoroughness, creativity, recommendations, and follow up are critical components to their service. Over the course of the last six months, it has been a delight working with Kelly in leadership and employee development.”

Beverly Johnson
Director of Human Resources


“Kelly Graves identified specific communication problems that were plaguing my leadership and operations team. He created lasting change in my organization resulting in people trusting each other more, working together better, improving the speed and quality of projects, and increasing our profits. Because of our consulting arrangement with Kelly, our meetings flow smoother, our agendas are more organized, and interpersonal issues in the office have been better resolved or altogether mitigated. His coaching and interventions helped us to operate more efficiently than ever before. I received real value from the engagement with Kelly and would recommend him and his team for any organization which faces communication difficulties or issues relating to change.”

Chris Friedland

“We are a young company with lofty goals. Even in the downturn of the economic state, it was our goal to power through and maintain the same growth pattern we were accustomed to. We had almost doubled in size year after year and did so through our creativity and ability to respond to the market and our customers’ needs. When we needed to be the most efficient to power through these tough times in the economic downturn, communication is extremely important, and it became evident this was exactly what we were lacking. It was at this point we sought the help of Kelly Graves.

Personally, I was beginning to lose hope that we could make it through this tough time in our company’s history. I felt as though there was more blame and finger pointing going on than communication and problem solving. Kelly and Liz worked with us as individuals and as a group to work through our communication issues, and helped us to create a much stronger team and sense of belonging. They restored my hope and my faith that we would make it through this; I can see now how we have many more successes to come. Their ability to listen to me and then paraphrase – removing the emotion from my words – helped me to identify what was really preventing me from happiness and getting the job done. They facilitated the necessary lines of communication, using their needed neutrality to be able to provide the perspective needed to see what was really going on. They helped us formulate next steps to ensure our mistakes were not repeated. Not only did they help me personally by improving communication lines between myself and top leadership, as well as myself and my staff, they helped us gain measurable efficiencies. Finally, Kelly and Liz assisted me in the restructure of my division by helping to identify key players that I could rely on. Through delegation of tasks, I was more available to strategize a plan to get us to our goal.

I’ve noticed a significant improvement in the way we treat each other at the office. It’s easy to have a conversation and say that things will be different, and much harder to make sure that change actually does take place. Kelly and Liz stuck around and made sure we were true to our word. They ensured we were becoming more aware of our actions and that we were changing our behaviors in the ways we said we would. I’ve witnessed this on many accounts. Even today I received an email from my superior thanking me for the hard work I’d done in taking on an extra project last week. This small act was HUGE to me (Even my President agreed that six months ago this never would have happened because he just didn’t see its value prior to our work with Kelly and Liz.) Our culture is so much better now, not only for me.

Through more effective communication between superiors and staff we are now more able to understand and identify small issues before they become big problems. We have learned to stop pointing fingers and start talking to each other to work out a plan to resolve any issue.”

Julie Gardner
Executive Vice President


Sierra Council of Alcoholism and Addiction

“Sierra Council’s work with Kelly Graves has been successful in large part due to their commitment to helping us use our strengths. Kelly’s team approach has enabled each staff member to develop working relationships in which they have become more team-focused and results-oriented. Specifically, Kelly and Liz have brought a diversity of strengths to the work environment. Together, they made it possible for staff members with various types of approaches to develop professionally and positively impact our agency and work in the community. Kelly supported our Board of Directors to move forward productively with clear goals for our future. Today we have a consistent and predictable process for developing new programs and understanding new opportunities. These processes and organizational changes will help us to focus on projects that will move the agency towards our vision.”

Deborah Martin
Sierra Council of Alcoholism and Addiction


Discount Disposables

“We hired Kelly Graves to help us grow in three areas: leadership and staff development, employee evaluations, and project planning and forecasting. He gave us such high quality service and value – above and beyond what we expected – that he deserves kudos for his professionalism, his integrity, and his sincere commitment to our unique needs. Trust really matters to us, and we really trust Kelly. His in-depth knowledge of the real business world and his excellent communication skills clearly helped our team get to the next level. We met our objectives with his guidance. Kelly exceeded our expectations as a trainer and consultant and we recommend him without hesitation. We continue to keep him on retainer because he offers such great value and up-to-date expertise!”

Liz Galler
Discount Disposables


Sierra Council

“Kelly took a boardroom that was at a stalemate and skillfully moved them forward with clear action plans and accountabilities. Through his facilitation and meeting structures he created majority agreement that greatly benefited the company. Through his innovative processes and effective communication style, Kelly created high morale on this board. The client’s needs were met and the client was expertly guided through the implementation and achievement of their mission.”

Steve Martino
Vice President
Sierra Council

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