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Kelly Graves - The Corporate Therapist


“Kelly has been extremely valuable to our organization in many ways.  His guidance helped build our sense that we can become a team again.  We are a large firm with large challenges.  Kelly is the first person we have worked with who grasped our problems quickly, brought them out in the open, and helped us develop a plan to solve them.” – Lindomar Scoop, CEO, KPMG D-C


All businesses are only as good as the people who run them and how these people think, communicate, behave, execute and trust one another. Business improvement comes through individual, management and team metamorphoses. But this transition cannot become habit by an individual or group simply memorizing a top ten list read from a book or attending a conference. A leadership and management team must work through predictable yet challenging stages to reach the “other side” of themselves. These are the steps I will take to awaken the leaders and managers you have lying dormant within. Then we will work together to develop you and your colleagues into the consistent leaders and managers you want to be and attain the self-realization you strive for:

I specialize in getting to the heart of the matter — quickly; finding out what lies just beneath the surface; and getting the issues out in the open so they can be resolved.

  1. I ask a series of questions to help us separate the symptoms from the true problems.
  2. I gather additional subconscious and covert information by listening to what you say, how you say it, the words, phrases and metaphors that help you express but also provide clues to inconsistencies that may be self-sabotaging you and or your team.
  3. We clarify these and take specific steps to clear away the unwanted and damaging and replace with effective, innovative and productive thoughts, actions, statements and behaviors.
  4. As a leadership and management team we build on these and become truly cohesive.
  5. Then we duplicate this process with your direct reports and throughout the various departments that make up your organization.
  6. This process takes a group of people working in the same building to another level of performance and cultural alignment.
  7. This, in turn, WILL create for you a distinct and competitive advantage over your competition resulting in an improved bottom line.

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