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Kelly and Racing

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In my teens and twenties I was a competitive snow and water skier; very driven to push the limits. I enjoyed balancing the feeling and power I received from the mountain or water with the knowledge and technique I spent years refining. The feeling of 100% concentration coupled with peace and accomplishment was wondrous when I put a great slalom run together. Car racing and business consulting was a natural next step for me.

Racing cars and business consulting have many overlapping characteristics. There is a yin-yang dimension to both. On the one hand one must be relaxed, quietly confident, and know to go only as fast as the conditions allow at the moment; and the conditions are changing second to second. On the other hand one must be fully prepared, assertive and anticipate opportunity, and even make opportunity; basically know what the next driver/person is going to do before he/she knows it. Car racing simply takes all of these concepts to another level because of the 140 mph crashing component; do it right or die. I like that calm results-driven intensity.