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Kelly Graves - The Corporate TherapistWhen I was in my teens and early twenties I snow, and water skied at a competitive level. I enjoyed the fast pace of both and the beauty of being in the mountains or on the water. After skiing into my twenties, I decided it was time to get a college degree, so I went to Sacramento State University and earned my Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and Marketing.

As I grew up my interest in adventure only increased and I opened my first business at 29. This business went well, and I learned a lot and…. made tons of mistakes, which, if you read the business books say you have learned a lot. Well, I did, and it came at a pretty steep price but most education is that way whether one buys it from college, a consultant or from the school of hard knocks; generally, all three are needed to become successful in the world of business.

In my thirties I was CEO of two small businesses that needed to be turned around and put on solid footing. I succeeded at this but there was something missing. The business principles were easier to improve than the “people component.” I realized that all businesses have, at the heart of their problems, people-problems. Business men and women generally know how to run their businesses successfully. It’s the people-problems that cause the most headaches and where great profits can be found, if handled correctly. I decided, if I really wanted to solve business problems at the core level, it was time to return to school and get my master’s in psychology.

In my late thirties I attended Chico State University and earned my Masters Degree in Psychology. After graduation I opened my consulting business where I focused on developing leadership, management and employees. This is where I believe most great gains in business can be found; improving the people. Since then I have worked with local and National organizations such as:

  • Butte County Office of Education
  • Ashby lumber Co.
  • Butte County Air Resources Board
  • Berkeley Forge and Tool
  • Cleanrite-Buildrite
  • Cisco
  • Caterpillar

Refer to my “partial clients” page to see more.

For nearly two decades I have been consulting with organizations and coaching individuals on the finer points of individual, team and organizational development. Over my years in business, I have had my brush with high levels of stress, anxiety, self-doubt and even depression. These can be very debilitating for anyone but especially the high-functioning executive, owner or manager. So, recently I added Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to one of my executive coaching courses. CBT is a very effective and methodical form of coaching which quickly gets to the heart of the issue and provides weekly lessons on how the client can work through their stress, anxiety, self-doubt and/or depression.

In 2017 I wrote the book “The Management and Employee Development Review” Published by CRC Press a Taylor and Francis Group company. This book can be found on this website or directly through Amazon under my name.

To learn more about me email or call me and let’s find out more about one another. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Kelly Graves

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