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Corporate Therapist - Workshop Services

“All of these things have helped me be a more confident leader and teacher. I no longer feel like I’m in over my head. I see each day and each challenge as more practice. Now each issue I encounter is no longer an issue, but simply an exercise to fine tune my skills. My observation skills are sharper and I am able to anticipate things better. I know feel like my learning is limitless and there isn’t anything to keep me from taking on more and more as I continue to grow and develop as a manger.”

– Brandon Steinle
AMain Hobby VP


As much as 80% of information people receive at workshops never makes it back to the office because it’s too general, people don’t make the personal connection and they don’t know how to apply it to their specific circumstance. I, on the other hand, design, facilitate and help people implement workshop skills development and learning based on you and your people with the end-result in mind. I get intimately involved by asking questions so that I understand your problems and help you solve them in a knowledge-based workshop format. I ask questions such as:

  1. What are the top 2-4 learning components or skills that every person must gain and leave this workshop with?
  2. How will this knowledge directly impact the internal and external customer? In essence, move your company forward and improve your bottom line?

Everything I create for you is based on specific need, personalities, culture and learning ability. By applying this method you are assured of long-term integration of knowledge that directly improves problem solving and personal development.

People learn and are best able to apply knowledge through hands-on experience, reflection, and discussion. The key is to involve participants so they become active partners in the development of their learning which improves cross-over knowledge. Cross-over knowledge is deeper and more profound in that people create connections in mental, emotional, and behavioral ways that translate to the actual circumstance, person or business environment. This is achieved, in part, with an effective debrief which help participants to visualize and walk through the vital steps to ensure that long-term learning and positive return on investment are leveraged to the fullest.