Change Management Consulting

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Types of Services

Team Building

When people contact me and ask about doing a teambuilding, I always answer the same way. “What problem or pain are you experiencing that you hope a teambuilding will improve or fix? In my experience, people don’t necessarily want to take the time or pay for a teambuilding if they don’t have to. Rather they are hoping, or have heard from others, that a teambuilding will cure some or all of their ailments. That’s not necessarily true. Read More

Business Consulting

All businesses are only as good as the people who run them and how these people think, communicate, behave, execute and trust one another. Business improvement comes through individual, management and team metamorphoses. But this transition cannot become habit by an individual or group simply memorizing a top ten list read from a book or attending a conference. Read More

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a term that has been watered down to the point where people are unsure about why they should even invest in it. In essence, all business success is achieved through people and at the center of any business are a handful of leaders. The three broad skills required to consistently maintain ones effectiveness at this level of personal insight, production and social learning are outlined below. Read More


Kelly Graves, CEO