August 2013

Staff Development (Methodology)

This is where you are, but… THIS is where you WANT to be…
No buy-in and no follow through from participants once they return from a workshop or training. Trainings are ineffective or off-target and result in poor recall on Monday morning when trying to implement the new skills. People deeply understand and buy into the training because they were involved from the beginning. They support that which they helped create. Follow through over time is more consistent. Better information retention; a “learning environment” is created by staff where all continue to train and teach each other.
Workshop training manuals get shelved, forgotten, and collect dust. Participants refer to training manuals and rely on them as valuable resources.
Training or team building is like a doughnut (enjoyable, but with no lasting nutritional value). Consistent innovation moves people to take action and create new habits. A greater return is received on every training investment dollar.
The training is “off the shelf,” one-size-fits-all, or so generic it doesn’t translate well to our particular people and their specific challenges. Trainings are specifically designed for our objectives, our culture, and our people so that individual and organizational growth can be measured and maintained. Participants are taught how to overcome daily challenges and integrate information.
We want to utilize the information, but work and pressing issues dictate our priorities. We just don’t have time right now. Trainers don’t leave after one day. They partner with the organization to ensure long-term learning and return on investment is received. Morale is higher and more consistent. Prioritization is improved.
We don’t know how or don’t take the time to implement staff development because our culture/industry/business is unique. Training is designed specifically for us from A to Z. Implementing the information is part of the training process and our people grow consistently over time as a result.


You May Want to Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • How do we establish or reestablish trust? Are you ready to improve the heart of your organization?
  • How do our people communicate? How can we really improve cohesiveness and goal setting between and beyond specific teams, departments and projects?
  • Where are we now and where do we all want to go? How can each member of our organization help to improve our bottom line and why should they?

Profit from the inside out. Kelly Graves The Corporate Therapist specialize’s in designing employee development programs tailored specifically for your staff and you. I provide you with the necessary training and tools to ensure that your staff continues to teach itself, monitor itself, and show improved results long after I have left.

Make no mistake about it: all your closest competitors have good R & D… They have access to financing and resources, and they are training their people. The only resource which separates you from your closest competitors is… YOUR PEOPLE… SO INVEST IN THEM EFFECTIVELY.

All organizational challenges will ultimately be solved by and through your people! Whether your challenges are technical, financial, or in some other domain, these challenges will always hinge on human communications and processes. Understanding and improving communication is hugely important to your organization’s survival and success, because the bottom line is: it’s YOUR people who will ultimately take YOUR organization to the next level.

Important considerations for employee development:

  • Urgency and energy are produced to create a new future.
  • Broad participation quickly identifies performance gaps and their solutions, improving productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • First tackle the larger issues or conflicts that are tying up your organization’s time and effectiveness.
  • Alleviate stress and you emphasize camaraderie.
  • Employee morale will soar higher and stay more consistently positive through employee development; when employee’s morale is high, areas of need will be addressed more quickly and effectively, so problems won’t fester under the surface and get out of control.
  • Encouraging employee feedback on business challenges will help people grasp issues.
  • Employees will become aligned around a common purpose and will create new directions, because they understand both the difficulties and the opportunities of change and growth. In short, employee development creates “ownership.”

When employees realize that they have some semblance of control and are being heard, the company, the leadership, and the employees all benefit. Thus, it is through this improved communication and shared purpose that the value of employee development truly begins to sink in for all stakeholders. This is when your team will take your organization to the next level. Through employee development, you are guaranteed lasting commitment and support of your strategic plan and your company vision!